Services Offered Are…

  1. Thorough Evolution & Management of Function Deficits.
  2. Neuro Development Therapy (NDT or Bobath Training).
  3. Balance Training.
  4. Co-ordination Exercises.
  5. OCCURPATIONAL THERAPY for – ADL & self care training and Fine motor problems.
  6. Developmental therapy for PAEDIARIC patients
  7. Pshcho and Behavioural therapy.
  8. ORTHOTICS and Spilints assistance
  9. Pain relieving modalities like SWD, IFT etc…
  10. We provide manipulation and taping technique and core strengthening for orthopaedic Problems.


Our clinic is easily accessible, with off street parking, stretcher and Wheelchair access.It contains wide treatment couches, mats and equipment specificanlly designed for Neurological rehabilitation