Absolute Rehabilitation


Rehabilitation refers to restoring useful life or good condition or capacity as through therapy and education. Its primary goal is to restore independence.

The Neuro Physio Clinic

The Neuro Physio Clinic is a physiotherapy practice for adults and children with a neurological diagnosis that helps them in getting independence or improving quality of life We offer a caring professional environment to enable people to recover and manage the impactof,

  1. Brain injury
  2. Stoke
  3. Cerebral palsy & developmental disorders
  4. Spinal cord injury(paraplegia, Quadriplegia)
  5. Peripheral nerve disorders(such as BELL’S palsy, nerve injuries)
  6. Neuropathies (such as GBS)
  7. Myopathies
  8. Genetic disorders
  9. Congenital anomalies (spina bifida, Hydrocephalus)
  10. Parkinsonism, ataxia, multiple, sclerosis
  11. Vestibular disorders
  12. Joint pains or arthritis
  13. Back or neck pain-spondylosis or spondylolisthesis
  14. Soft tissue injuries
  15. Nerve Entrapment

in fact any movement issue associated with neurological cause

Your Physiotherapist

When you come to see us, you will be assessed and treated by an experienced Neuro-physiotherapist. We are aware of the importance of a positive and encouraging environment and strive to provide this for you.

Your therapist will develop your individual treatment plan which will help achieve your goals. We help the patients in manimizing.

  1. MOTOR PROBLEMS : such as maintaining a posture, performing a task which may be due to:
    • Lack of movement control
    • Lack of strength
    • Lack of co-ordination
  2. SENSORY PROCESSING PROBLEMS : such as over or under responsive touch, noise etc
  3. PERCEPTUAL DEFICITS : such as difficuly in discriminating own body side (rt or lt), difficulty in recognizing prior done tasks such as brushing etc.
  4. SPEECH PROBLEMS : difficulty in articulation , formation of or understanding speech.
  5. DYSPHAGIA : Difficulty in swallowing excess drooling of saliva.
  6. COGNITIVE AND BEHAVIOURAL ISSUES : Mental ratardation, hyperactivity, learning disability, short attention etc.
  7. SELF HELP SKILLS : Difficulty in independent walking or any transitions, managing(ADLs) independently like , self care , eating, etc.